New Guide: 6 Features Your Automated Security Questionnaire Platform Should Have

Not all automated security questionnaires are created equal. Even though switching from manual to automated questionnaires is a clear step in the right direction, the benefits can vary, depending on the solution that you choose. 

That’s where our new guide can help. “6 Must-Have Features Your Automated Security Questionnaire Platform Should Have” covers the most important benefits of an effective and efficient automated security questionnaire. Being familiar with these important benefits will ultimately help you improve your third-party security process. 

Here are just a few key takeaways from this essential guide:

  1. Context counts. With the right platform, understanding your business and technology relationship with your vendors can help you cut down on unnecessary questions, helping you save precious time. 
  2. Customization is key. The most effective questionnaires allow you to choose the most appropriate questions and how they should be calculated. 
  3. Scalability is essential. Advanced platforms allow you to easily send and track hundreds of security questionnaires at once. 

Click below to learn more about the most important features that your automated security questionnaire platform should have.



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